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When shall I take a full PTE Practice Test?

You should take a full PTE Practice Test once in the beginning of your preparation, and at least twice after you have studied and feel well prepared for the exam. The first time you take the test you will get an idea of your current level. The next two times will help you improve your score. If required, you should take more practice tests till you achieve your target score.

Is your test software like the actual Pearson PTE Academic Exam software?

The exam software on this website is the most accurate simulation of the actual PTE Academic Exam software. The software has been designed by a team of expert tutors and software engineers who have decades of experience in developing automated exam software like PTE Academic. Our team keeps a track of any change in the PTE Academic pattern and quickly replicates in the software. The software is one of the very few software with the capability of auto scoring even the Speaking and Writing sections.

How do you prepare the questions for these tests?

The questions for these tests are prepared strictly as per the guidelines laid down by Pearson. Our tutors are certified in various English Tests and know the ins and outs of these exams. Each question is reviewed multiple times before it is added to a practice test. Rest assured! This is the closest you will get to real exam without paying a full fee!

What if I get a low score in these tests?

Getting a low score can be disheartening but not if you look at it with the right attitude! It is much better to score a low score now than in your expensive actual PTE Exam. Our tutors will provide feedback that will help you to understand the reasons behind your low score. Work on it and try to do better in the next practice test.

Why are your practice tests much cheaper than others?

Simply because we have the software and technology that allows us to deliver these tests at smaller costs than others! Most other test websites claim to have a software but the scoring is done by human scorers in the backend. That is why they need to charge much more than us. In our platform human experts are only required to provide specific feedback after the scores are generated. This is why our costs are lesser and we are happy to pass on the benefit to our students!