PTE Select missing word | FREE PTE Tutorial | Updated for 2024

The PTE Select Missing Word question is an innovative question type designed by the PTE examiners. This tests a real life situation very well.

PTE Select missing word introduction

You might have seen some people are able to complete the sentences of others! They can easily tell what the next word in a sentence is going to be. This is due to their good command over that language. They have had enough exposure to that language that they are now very comfortable with the common sentence structures and vocabulary. Based on that they can tell how a sentence will be completed.

The same is tested in PTE Select Missing Word questions.

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Let’s first look at the question screen:

PTE Select missing word

Please note the question instructions here!

In most PTE questions the instructions are standard – same in all questions of that type. But in select missing word the question instructions tell you what the audio is about. So, it is a good hint – and very useful in identifying the missing word.

The last word or couple of words of the audio have been beeped out i.e. replaced by a beep sound. Your task is to pick the correct word from the given options to complete the sentence.

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In the few seconds before the audio begins, read question instructions and the options given.

Then pay full attention to the audio. There is no need to take notes here. Listen and try to understand what the audio is about. Pay special attention when the audio is about to come to an end. You must not miss the last sentence and the few words before the beep sound. If you have to note down anything, it is a good idea to note down the last few words before the beep.

PTE Select missing word options

After the audio has ended you can take one option after another and combine it with the last few words and see if it makes any sense.

If it does it can be the correct option. Sometimes there might be more than one option that seems to make sense. In that case your answer will depend upon the overall theme of the audio. The question instructions told you what the audio was about. Which option matches that description?

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Finally, it all boils down to practice!

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