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These scored PTE Mock Tests are used by PTE Tutors and PTE Coaching institutions all over Australia and the world! Every week the platform delivers more than 5,000 tests. As reported by our coaching center partners the AI scores generated by the mock test software are very close to the scores their students get in the actual exam.

This is the only resource you need for your PTE Preparation. If you are sincere and practice with some of these tests every day you will be ready for a high score in PTE very soon!

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Automated scoring in PTE Mock Test

Step 1
automated scoring

Your tests are first scored by the automated PTE Exam software. This is just like the one in a real PTE Exam.

PTE Mock Test review

Step 2
Score review

However, we don’t just leave it at that. Your score cards are then reviewed by our expert tutors to find out specific areas where you can improve.

PTE Mock Test Score Report

Step 3
Score cards

After all the analysis your score card is ready which provides you a very clear understanding of your preparation level.

PTE Tips and Tricks

Step 4
detailed report

The detailed Reports provides targeted insights and feedback to ensure you have everything to improve and achieve your goal.

PTE Tutorials

Step 5 – Expert tutor support

Finally, should you need any help or additional guidance, our expert tutors are always available for you. Sometimes, things which we find very difficult, become super easy with the help of an expert.

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How many Scored PTE Mock Tests shall I take?

If you have just started your PTE preparation, or you are about to start then we will recommend a minimum of three scored PTE Mock Tests. The first test you can take a couple of days after starting your preparation. By this time you would have become familiar with the basics of PTE Academic. The first scored mock test will provide you a baseline score.

Then depending upon the time you have before exam you can take another test every 3-4 days. Understand and work on the feedback from previous test before taking a new test.

What is the difference between a Scored Mock Test, a Module Test and a Mini Test?

Each of these tests contain high quality test questions as per the latest PTE Academic format. Scored Mock Test is a full PTE mock test with score just like the real exam. You will receive a score report for this test. Module Tests and Mini Tests are for self evaluation at different times in your preparation. A module test covers all the question types under one section of the exam, such as Speaking and Writing. A mini test is a quick test which you take when you want to focus on just one question type. You can take a module test after preparing all the question types in a section, and a mini test after each question type. Make sure that you take at least one PTE Practice Test every day. Consistency is very important when you are preparing for an exam like PTE Academic.

How is the score report prepared for these mock tests?

The score card is automatically prepared by the AI Software. This covers all four sections. Once the score card is ready, one of our expert tutors will look at your results and provide some targeted feedback. This feedback is written specifically for you and if you work on it you will see your score improve quickly!

Is the level of questions same as the actual PTE Exam?

The questions in the scored PTE Mock Tests are exactly as per the PTE guidelines. They have the same level of rigor as you will find in the questions in actual exam. We keep an eye on the latest Pearson guidelines and ensure that our study materials are always aligned to them.

How many times can I take each test?

Each scored mock test can be taken once. All other tests can be taken as many times as you want! In fact we recommend that you take module tests and mini tests multiple times before attempting a scored test.

How accurate is the score card for these mock tests?

As per the feedback of our students and coaching centre partners, the score results are highly accurately. Most students receive a score within a few points of what they get in the mock tests.

What kind of feedback can I expect from the tutors?

Our expert tutors will review your score card and a few questions to figure out the reasons behind your low score, if any! They will give you targeted feedback that you can work upon to receive a jump in score.