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The team at PTE Mock Tests has helped thousands of test takers from all over the world achieve their target PTE Score. This PTE Mock Test platform not only provides you authentic tests but also the guidance of experts. The mock tests and scoring software are up to date to reflect the most recent PTE Academic changes. You can take a PTE Mock Test only anytime you want! Our team of expert tutors based in Melbourne, Australia is 100% dedicated to the success of our students from all over the world.

  • Trusted by more than 10,000 students all over the world
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PTE Mock Test platform is used and recommended by tutors in all leading Australian Universities. PTE Tutors all over Australia depend upon this platform to accurately measure the score level of their students and guide them further. It is the preferred choice of PTE test takers for an Australian study, work or permanent visa. Each and every test is designed specifically to help you achieve a better PTE score quickly and easily.

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How many mock tests shall I take?

The answer depends upon the stage you are at in your PTE preparation. PTE Mock Tests are designed not just for quick evaluation but for guidance and score improvement. Therefore, the more tests you take the more feedback you will get from the automated scoring system and from our expert teachers. Ideally you should take a scored mock test after every 3-4 days of preparation, and 1 mock test two days before the exam.

Is your test software like the actual Pearson PTE Academic Exam software?

The exam software on this website is the most accurate simulation of the actual PTE Academic Exam software. The software has been designed by a team of expert tutors and software engineers who have decades of experience in developing automated exam software like PTE Academic. Our team keeps a track of any change in the PTE Academic pattern and quickly replicates in the software. The software is one of the very few software with the capability of auto scoring even the Speaking and Writing sections.

Who prepares the questions for these mock tests?

Each and every question in every single PTE Mock Test goes through a rigorous development and review process. Our team of expert teachers study the recent PTE exam questions and develop high quality questions based on the same parameters. Once a question is developed it is reviewed by certified PTE instructors and only then is it added to a PTE Practice Test.

Will my score improve after taking this mock tests?

If you take the PTE Mock Tests seriously and follow through on the feedback provided to you in the score reports you are highly likely to see an improvement in your results. We often say that these mock tests are not just for quick practice, they are for learning and improvement.

How can your Expert Tutors help in my preparation?

Our Expert Tutors have helped thousands of people achieve their target PTE score. They do this day in and day out. That is why our tutors can quickly review your results and identify the reasons behind poor performance. Instead of endlessly wondering why your scores are low, you can get the help from our tutors. With their precise feedback and guidance you will see your scores improve quickly.