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PTE Exam is known for the use of innovative question types for testing the English skills. However, the test still includes some traditional question types. The most traditional of these is the PTE Write Essay question type in the PTE Writing section!

PTE Write Essay introduction

It is the same essay writing task that you might have done hundreds of times in school or college or even in other English language exams like IELTS. You will receive up to 2 questions of this type in your exam.

You will be given an essay prompt and you will be expected to write an essay on the given topic as per the instructions in 20 minutes. Your response should not exceed more than 300 words or be less than 200 words.

PTE Write essay

The very first thing you should do in the PTE Write Essay question is to make sure that you have understood the question correctly.

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What is the essay topic and what exactly are you expected to write on the topic?

For e.g. the essay topic could be “Life in big cities”, but you might be asked to write on the advantages or disadvantages of it, or to compare it with life in smaller towns. So, before you start writing be very clear about what you have to write.

Time management is important in this question type. 20 minutes might seem like a lot of time but if you are not well organized, they can pass quickly.

So what is the first thing to do in this question?

As we just discussed, it is to understand what exactly you are supposed to write. You can spend the first couple of minutes on it.

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Once you are clear on this, the next task is to come up with some ideas to include in your essay.

It is not difficult to come up with ideas – you just need practice! Every word can lead to dozens of other words which in turn can lead to other words – and each word is a potential idea to include in your essay.

PTE Write Essay ideas

In PTE Write Essay you will be judged on the structure of your essay.

A well-formed essay will have 4-5 paragraphs including an introduction and conclusion. Each paragraph must lead into the next and be well connected with the previous. The readers of your essay should feel that you are guiding them properly. Without the right structure an essay becomes difficult to read and understand.

You can start with a rough structure and gradually add ideas into it and then develop that into sentences.

Explain each idea that you introduce and include supporting arguments and examples where possible.

The introduction should clearly explain what the rest of the essay is going to be about. The conclusion is similar to the introduction in the way that it just recaps what you have written and your opinion on the topic.

Most important – keep time for a review – Last 4-5 minutes should solely be for you to review what you have written and improve it as much as possible.

PTE Write Essay structure template

What can you improve during the review?

For all tips and tricks read the PTE Write Essay tips and tricks article!

First of all, you can make sure that you have not diverged from the topic. If you find that what you have written is not specific to the topic you can remove that and add something else.

Secondly, use the time to check your grammar. Have you combined the sentences correctly? Have you used the correct words to indicate transitions and relations between sentences?

Finally, reflect on the vocabulary that you have used. Does it show an impressive range? Is it diverse enough? Have you used formal academic words or have you written your essay in a casual way? In PTE Write Essay, it is important that you use words suitable for an academic scenario.

This is an important question type! It is not difficult to score well in this provided you do some basic practice and follow a systematic approach.