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PTE Repeat Sentence introduction

Listen to a short audio.

Repeat what you have just heard.

And do this whole exercise 10-12 times in a row.

That is PTE Repeat Sentence question type in a nutshell. These questions contribute to both your listening and speaking scores. There is a large number of these questions in PTE Exam. Therefore, it is important to get this right.

For all tips and tricks please refer to PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks!

PTE Repeat Sentence

In this article, let’s understand how to do that.

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There is not much time to listen and then record your answer. The microphone opens up almost immediately after the audio ends. Therefore we usually don’t advice to take notes. Your focus should be on listening and remembering the sentence. Some words that you think are key you can note though.

PTE Repeat sentence recording

The score in PTE Repeat Sentence depends upon – number of correct words, fluency, and pronunciation.

So focus on speaking as many words correctly as possible, in the right order. Speak them fluently and with the right pronunciation. If you think you have missed a word or are not sure of some parts of the sentence just make your best guess and speak anything.

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Finally a key piece of advice:

There are around 10-12 questions of this type in the exam. So, it is possible to lose your focus after a few sentences. Don’t let that happen. Sit straight and answer each question with full force.

Overall you should focus on improving your key English speaking skills. Refer our PTE speaking section where we discuss this in more detail.