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PTE Highlight incorrect words and PTE Listening Fill in the blanks questions are closely related. In the fill in the blanks questions you have to follow an audio and fill in the blanks based on that audio. In the highlight incorrect words questions you have to follow an audio and click on the words in the text that are different from the words spoken in the audio!

PTE Highlight incorrect words introduction

In both cases you have to listen to an audio and follow along with a text!

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This is how the test screen looks like for PTE Highlight incorrect words questions:

PTE Highlight incorrect words

As you can see there is the audio player at the top and below it is a text. This text is the transcript of the audio. It is mostly correct except for a few differences. So when you listen to the audio you have to identify the words that are different in the transcript.

These are the “incorrect words”!

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You will have a few seconds before the audio begins. Use that time to do two things:

One, quickly glance at the audio and get a general idea of it – even if you are able to look at one or two sentences that is good enough. Second, place your cursor on the first word and your hand on the mouse.

When the audio starts your hand should follow the audio to each subsequent word in the transcript. As soon as you feel the word that is written is different from what you have heard, click on it. Do not hesitate! Click on it and quickly move to the next word.

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Keep in mind:

There is negative marking in PTE Highlight incorrect words! So don’t just click randomly. If you make any mistakes you will get a negative point and that can bring down your score for that question to zero.

PTE Highlight incorrect words negative marking

On the other hand, there is also no point going back and changing your selection once the audio has ended. For this question type you must go with the flow and make your selections while listening to the audio. Once it ends you have no way of verifying whether you have highlighted a correct or incorrect word.

Practice is therefore very crucial in this question type, especially if your background doesn’t involve studies or work in an English speaking environment. In that case you wouldn’t be used to listening to English audios at a fast pace. Therefore, you must practice a lot with authentic audio, such as included in the PTE Mock Tests practice materials!