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PTE Write from dictation introduction

The PTE Write from dictation question in the PTE Listening section, does just as the name suggests! It is a simple dictation taking exercise. These simple questions can be quite good for your score, especially as they also contribute to your writing score in addition to the listening score.

Let’s look at the question screen:

PTE Write from dictation

At the top we have the audio player and below it a text box! The task is simple – listen to the audio and type it as it is in the text box. You will get marks for your listening and writing.

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The only real challenge here is to decide how you will approach these questions!

Will you try to type as you listen, or will you first write it down in your notes and then type it on the screen?

The only way to know which is better is to try it out! Try the free mock test on our website or even better get a full PTE Mock Tests package! In that you can try these questions with both approaches. Then see which gives you better results, and stick to that in the exam.

There are only about 3 questions of this type in the exam! But if you practice well it is an easy way to boost your score.

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Please note – you will get marks for the correct words that you type in.

The words should be correct and in the correct order. The spelling should also be correct.

After you have typed in the response spend a few seconds on reviewing it. Sometimes you might think you have heard a particular word but it might not be so. The typed in sentence must be logical and make sense. For e.g. you will never have a text like “Sun rises from the west” in write from dictation questions. So if you see that your typed in response is something like this it means you have made a mistake – it would be a good idea to change west to east – probably you didn’t hear correctly.

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