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PTE Highlight correct summary explanation

The PTE Highlight correct summary question is a type of multiple choice question. In multiple choice questions in the PTE listening section you listen to an audio and then answer a multiple choice question based on the audio. Similarly in highlight correct summary you will listen to an audio, but the question is always the same – “Which of the following options is a correct summary of this audio?”. In other words, you have to pick the option that is the best summary of the audio.

This is how the question screen looks like:

PTE Highlight correct summary

As you can see there is an audio player and about 4 options to select from.

You will have a few seconds to look at the options and get a general idea of what the audio is going to be about. The options will be similar to each other in some ways and different in other ways.

If you look at them before the audio begins you will have a chance to validate the similarities and differences against what you hear in the audio.

When the audio starts, if you are comfortable keep your eye on the options.

As the audio progresses you will be gradually able to shortlist or eliminate some options. You might hear something which is different from what’s written in an option. That will be an indication that you can eliminate that option.

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Ideally once the audio ends you will shortlist some options.

Then you have to pick the option that seems most appropriate. The option you select should include the key points mentioned in the audio. It should also not contain anything that is not mentioned in the audio. Your selection has to depend precisely on what is included in the audio.

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You can also take notes in this question type.

For most of us it is difficult to remember everything mentioned in the audio. If you are confident of your English listening and comprehension skills then you might not do this. For others note taking is very beneficial. If you capture all the key points in your notes, you can simply check each option against your notes and select the correct one. Read the article on PTE Highlight correct summary tips and tricks for more helpful advice.

PTE Highlight correct summary notes

There is no negative marking here – so in the worst case make your best guess!

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