PTE Highlight correct summary Tips and Tricks | Top 11 | Updated 2024

In the PTE Highlight correct summary questions you will listen to an audio and then select the option that best summarizes that audio. We have a full article on this question type – you can refer to that here. In this article we will share out top PTE Highlight correct summary tips and tricks with you.

PTE Highlight correct summary tips and tricks

So, let’s go ahead and study our top PTE Highlight correct summary tips and tricks.

Quickly glance at the four summary options before the audio begins

This is a very important first step. By looking at the options you will get a general idea about the audio. You will not what information to focus on in the audio.

Take notes while listening

Next in out list of PTE Highlight correct summary tips and tricks: Take notes!

It will be difficult to listen and remember the whole audio. Though you can listen and remember the theme and some key points, you might not remember all the details. That is why we always advice our students to take notes. Try to capture each key point and write it down. This tip is relevant for many question types in PTE.

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Keep an eye on the various options as you listen to the audio

When the audio plays keep an eye on the summary options. There is a fair possibility that you will be able to eliminate at least one option or even more simply while listening.

Treat this like a multiple choice question

This is a form of a multiple choice question only in which the question is – “Which of the following options is correct as per the audio?”. All that you have to do is select the best option based on that.

Review all options one by one

Once you have identified your best option, look at the other options too. Some might contain more information or might be more accurate. So before you submit your answer, spend a quick few seconds going through other options too.

PTE Highlight correct summary top - review

Make your final selection on the basis of your notes and what you remember

When the audio ends you will be ideally in a position where you have shortlisted a couple of options. You will have some notes and some understanding of the theme of the audio. Now put all of that together and make your final selection.

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Visualize while you are listening

This tip is applicable to all tasks in which you have to listen to an audio. Actively listen and engage with the audio. Try to form a picture in your mind. This approach makes it very simple to listen and remember.

Eliminate options that have information that is not based on the audio

In this question type you have to select the most accurate summary. Some options will contain information that is not mentioned in the audio at all. You should eliminate those options.

Select the most complete summary

What does this mean? This means that the option which contains the most number of points from the audio. There will be 2-3 options each containing at least some relevant information. You should select the one with most information.

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Don’t spend too much time on any one question

When you practice for PTE Academic one of your goals should be to prepare your strategy and approach. A key part of this is your time management plan i.e. how much time will you select on a particular question type. If you find you are spending more time than planned on any one PTE highlight correct summary question then just make your best guess and move to the next question.

Do some listening and reading practice every day

The last point in out PTE Highlight correct summary tips and trick list is: Daily practice!

This question type checks both your reading and listening skills. Therefore, as much as possible try to do some listening and reading practice every day. Even if you set aside just 30 minutes a day for this, it will make a difference in the long run.