PTE Select missing word Tips and Tricks | Top 10 Tips | Updated for 2024

Would you like to learn some simple ways to improve your score in PTE Select missing word questions? In this article we will share our top PTE Select missing word tips and tricks to help you with this.

PTE Select missing word Tips and Tricks

Let’s go through these tips and tricks one by one:

Read the instructions to understand the theme of the audio

The first of our PTE Select missing word tips and tricks is: Read instructions!

In almost all PTE questions the instructions are standard and if you know them beforehand you don’t need to read them in the exam. However, in PTE select missing word questions the instructions are important because they tell you the theme of the audio. This makes it easier to guess the kind of word that will complete the audio.

Check the options before the audio begins

Look at the options before the audio starts playing. That will make it easier to anticipate the kind of audio you will hear and what word might complete it.

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Take notes while you listen to the audio

Note taking is not hugely important in this question type but it makes sense to note down a few words to remember the theme and focus of the audio. When you later select the missing word this will prove useful.

PTE Select missing word tip - Take notes

Pay extra attention to the last part of the audio before the beep

As you notice the audio coming to an end become extra attentive. Try to remember the last sentence and the words before the blank. If possible, write them down.

Combine all options with the last sentence one by one

This is the second part of the previous tip. Once you know the last sentence you can pick the options one by one, add them to the sentence and see which option makes the most sense.

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Eliminate options that don’t make logical sense

The correct option will fit in from both grammatical and logical perspective. If there are multiple options that satisfy the grammatical part, then you should make the decision based on logic.

PTE Select missing word Tip - Eliminate wrong options

If confused make the best guess and pick an option related to the theme of the audio

In case you find the audio very difficult and are not able to understand much then you should make an educated guess. This guess should be based on the theme of the audio. You can pick the one closest to the theme of the audio.

Don’t get stuck on any one part of the audio, keep listening and be attentive

You must try to listen to and understand the whole audio. Don’t get stuck at one part! If you can’t understand any part don’t worry about it, keep moving forward – you should specifically never miss the last sentence before the beep.

Manage your time wisely

This is a simple tip for all the questions in PTE Listening section. Once the audio ends, you shouldn’t spend more than a minute to finalize your answer. In select missing word questions most of your thinking is done while listening to the audio. If you have done that well selecting the option shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Visualize while listening to the audio

The last point in our PTE Select missing word Tips and Tricks list is: Visualize!

Actively engage with the audio you are hearing. Try to draw a mental picture – link various parts! This will make it very easy to remember the key points.

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