PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks | Top 17 Tips | Updated for 2024

What shall you do to get a good score in PTE Repeat Sentence questions? Are there any tips and tricks that you can follow?

Yes! Sure they are. In this article we will share the Top 10 PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks based on our years of experience of preparing students for PTE exam.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks

Be ready to start speaking as soon as the microphone opens up

Let’s check the very first in our PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks list!

There are a large number of PTE Repeat sentence questions in your exam and very little time between each. You will have only 3 seconds before the microphone opens up. So keep your focus and be ready to speak with full force.

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Understand the tone of the speaker and try to reproduce that in your response

This is a short sentence so your chance of producing the right tone depends upon how well you have understood the speaker. In read aloud you could read the sentence and decide where to raise or lower your tone, but in these questions it all depends upon listening to the speaker.

Listen carefully and note which words are more important

Listen carefully and note which words are more important by trying to understand how much emphasis the speaker puts on certain words. That way you can also emphasize the same words in your response and make it sound more natural and authentic.

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Try to understand what the speaker is saying

You won’t have time to write down the whole sentence. If you have understood well then even if you don’t remember all the words you will be able to reproduce a few based on your understanding of the text.

Form a picture corresponding to the audio in your mind as you listen

For e.g. if the speaker is talking about students in a classroom then imagine seeing students sitting in an actual classroom and then base the whole sentence around that image. This will help you to remember the sentence and parts of it. It has been scientifically proven that we remember better when we attach visuals to something.

Keep in mind that there is no tone before the microphone opens up

So, do not make the mistake of waiting for the tone to start your response. As soon as the countdown ends and the recording message appears you should start speaking.

Speaking anything if you have forgotten a word

If you have not understood or word or forgotten a word then just speak what comes to your mind. Try not to be totally random. It is better you speak a word that is similar in sound to the one you haven’t understood clearly. If you have understood the theme of the audio you will be able to guess the word in a better way.

Speak each word clearly and with full confidence

Do not hesitate in front of the computer! These are short sentences and the score depends upon how much the computer software can understand your words. So, if you are worried about the other people in the test center or for some reason do not speak clearly, the computer might count that as a mistake.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip - Speak with confidence

Copy only the speaker’s tone and meaning, not the accent

Some people feel that you must mimic the speaker exactly. This is not correct. If you are not used to an accent and you try to copy it you might come across as unnatural or even funny, but that won’t help with your score. So try to understand what the speaker is saying, try to understand his or her tone, and reproduce that in your response.

Speak at your natural pace

Speak at a pace that makes you sound natural and makes your pronunciation sound good. Speaking faster can help but if you speak too fast you might distort the pronunciation of different words. Just like if a kid falls when suddenly he tries to run very fast. This is where proper practice helps.

Expose yourself to audio with different accents and different contexts

Do not practice with audio or podcasts based around the same theme. For e.g. do not just grad 10 lectures on medical science or 10 lectures on Greek history and just practice with that. You must practice with questions that reference audio from different contexts and subject areas. This will expose you to a diverse range of vocabulary and sentence patterns. Similarly, don’t just practice only with American, or only with British, or only with Australian audios. Make sure the sources have many different accents.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip - Natural accent

Review the academic word list and become familiar with the common words

The PTE Academic word list has the most common words used in academic scenarios. Learn their meaning, pronunciation, and try making 2-3 sentences with each word.

Learn how to memorize short audio clips

Next in our list of PTE Repeat Sentence Tips and Tricks – Learn to memorize!

You won’t have time to take notes or write down what you are hearing. In some cases you can note down a word or two if that helps, but largely it depends upon your memory and understanding. So practice a lot! If you practice a lot you will find it easier to remember.

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Learn basic grammar so that you can fill up the parts of sentence that you don’t remember

If you understand the sentence structures you can just combine the words based on that knowledge. This will prove really helpful when you can remember only a few parts of the sentence.

Try to say the words in the right sequence

This becomes very easy to do when you have understood the sentence and not just memorized some words. The sentence will make sense only when the words are spoken in the right sequence and that is when you will get full marks in this question.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tip - Right sequence

Practice listening to audio and repeating after it every day

Make this part of your daily PTE practice routine. Pick some podcast or a video on YouTube and listen to it during your lunch break or during your commute to and from work. You can repeat after it, you can try to explain the meaning of what you have just heard, you can try to summarize it, etc. That way you are practicing your overall speaking and listening skills that are tested in many questions.

Group the words as the speaker does

If you group the words unnaturally the sentence will lose the rhythm and might convey a meaning different from intended. While listening try to understand where the speaker is pausing, which words he is speaking together, and try to do the same.

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