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PTE Reading multiple choice multiple answers introduction

The PTE Multiple choice Multiple answer question type is the second of the two multiple choice questions in PTE Academic. Similar to the single choice, in this also you will see text accompanied with a question and a number of options.

However, you will have to select more than one option as this has multiple correct answers.

PTE Reading Multiple choice multiple answers

The text is also usually longer than the one in the single answer questions. Therefore you can spend somewhat more time on these questions. However, try not to spend more than 3 minutes on each. Of course if you can answer before that, nothing like that!

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Important to note: These questions have negative marking! That means if you select an option that is not correct you will get a negative point for that. Let’s explain with an example:

The question has 6 options. A, B, C, D, E, F. The correct options are B and E. You select B, C, E. Out of these C is not the correct option. So your score will be +1 -1 +1 = +1. If you had selected A, C, F, what would your score be?

Well! all three are wrong therefore your score is -1 -1 -1. But wait! It doesn’t mean you will receive -3 for the question and it will reduce your overall score for the reading section. In PTE Reading Multiple choice Multiple Answer questions the minimum score is ZERO. It can’t be less than that. So, even if you select three wrong choices you will get ZERO only.

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What does that mean for us?

It means that you should avoid selecting options recklessly but if you aren’t able to pick any, you must select one, nevertheless.

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Your approach for these types of question should be the same as other multiple choice question.

Read the question and options before reading the text – This will give you a target to go after. Reading the text without understanding the question and options is more time consuming and you might have to read again and again. But if you understand what you are expected to get out of your reading – it becomes very focused and productive.

Depending upon the question you can skim or scan through the text. Sometimes you might have to do the both – first skim to get an overall feel of the text and to know how the text is organized. Then to verify the options you can scan through the text.

Review the options you have picked in the end – this will help you to avoid unnecessary negative marking!

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