PTE Listening | How to improve your score easily? Advice for 2024

Which section in PTE has the most number of questions?

It is the PTE listening section!

PTE Listening

In this article we will try to understand what we can do at a listening skill level to improve our score in all these 8 questions.

If we put it simply the PTE exam software wants to know how well you listen to English and how much of it can you understand correctly. For e.g. if you were to attend a classroom lecture in a university in Australia will you be able to understand what the professor is saying.

If we can convince the software that yes, we can then we can get a good score on this section!

In Reading and Writing what happens is that when we read or listen, our mind forms a picture – it tries to make sense of what it is reading or listening.

If the picture formed is complete and correct then when somebody asks a question, we can look at the picture and answer the question correctly. Isn’t it?

So, the key skill that you need to develop for a good score in the listening section of PTE is this:

Listen and understand correctly!

It is simple to say but you need practice.

Imagine you are in a new city – you don’t know the roads, the places, the signs – it will take you a long time to find your way around.

PTE Listening score improvement

Once you get used to the signs, the rules, the turns, the roads – it becomes much easier getting around in the city.

The same is the case with English language and understanding it!

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The best way to get used to it is to listen to as much of different academic audios that you can. Do it every day!

Once you listen to an audio, ask yourself – what is the key message in this audio?

If you can answer that correctly you are doing well!

However, even if we are able to listen and understand good enough, we can still miss some key points. As human beings we have limits.

To overcome this problem you need to learn how to take good notes!

PTE Listening take notes

Note taking is not the same as taking dictation.

It is about writing down the key points – preferably in short form, so that later when you see the notes you can combine the key points and complete the picture in your mind.

So, again this is something you need to practice. Every day when you are doing your listening practice – try some audios where you just listen and try to understand. For other audios – try to take notes. Goal is always the same – capture the key points!

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Must point out that there are two question types in this section that have negative marking:

Highlight incorrect words and Multiple choice multiple answers

So, don’t pick options randomly in these questions.

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