PTE Writing | How to improve your score easily? Advice for 2024!

PTE Writing

There are only two types of question in the writing part of PTE Academic!

PTE Write Essay and PTE Summarize written Text

Simple isn’t it?

Well! Yes if you understand their intricacies. That is what we hope to help you do with this article.

Let’s jump into it!

In general the PTE Writing section is of about 1 hour duration.

You have essay writing and summary writing questions in it. For each essay you will get 20 minutes, and for each summary you will get 10 minutes.

What determines your score in these questions?

In a nutshell:

If your essay deals with the question prompt in sufficient detail and clarity and in the right structure – you will get good marks.

If your summary covers the most important points of the text – you will get good marks.

You can see how to write good essays and summaries in our other lectures.

In this article, we want to focus on how to improve your overall writing skills so that it boosts score in all questions.

You need to put time into two things first of all:

Brushing up your Grammar

Luckily, you don’t need to be a grammar master for PTE Writing section. It is sufficient to be aware of the core concepts like the structure of a sentence, basic grammar parts, verbs, and things like subject verb agreement.

You can pick up any basic or intermediate level school English textbook and revise these concepts from there.

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Second part might take some more effort – that is improving your vocabulary

Writing is all about displaying how much you know about the written language – more words you know, more complex words you know, better you will look!

Improving vocabulary might take time but it is a simple process if you are serious.

Exams like PTE and IELTS depend upon the academic word list! What is that? So, years ago some researchers made a list of most common English words used in academic situations.

About 500 of these are most common. So, first you need to learn those. Once you are confident about these 500 words you can learn more.

How exactly should you learn these words?

Well you just don’t need to know the meaning! You also need to know the form of that word, and the situations in which you can use that word. You should also try to build 3-4 example sentences to practice the usage of that word.

Extra points for also learning the correct pronunciation of these words!

(Note: Our expert tutors have put together a full series of PTE Tutorials and PTE Tips and Tricks articles. Make sure to read all! Also, check out the PTE Mock Test packages for mock tests with score cards, section tests, mini tests – all with authentic questions and real PTE like software!)

Finally, you need to learn some high impact expressions! You can use them in various situations.

For e.g. “While the problem is complex a solution can be found…”.

These are embellishments which make your writing look good! Just like you add some seasoning to your food, adding this to your writing makes it more appealing!

Writing good summaries is as much about reading well and understanding correctly as it is about conveying the meaning in written form.

Our suggestion to you is simple:

Read a bit every day and try to explain it in one written sentence. It can be anything – a news report, an article you read somewhere, or a passage from some book. Once you have written that show it someone in your family or to a friend and ask them what they understand from it.

Ideally, they will be able to convey the core meaning of the passage back to you! If they can it means you summary was good enough.

Well that is it about the writing section. If you haven’t already – check out our free PTE Mock Test and try these questions in real exam software!

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