PTE Listening Fill in the blanks | FREE PTE Tutorials | Updated for 2024

The PTE Listening fill in the blanks questions in the PTE exam can be quite interesting and fun! Once you get a hang of them it is quite easy to score full marks in these questions.

PTE Listening fill in the blanks

Want to see how? OK! Let’s do that.

This is how the question screen looks like:

PTE Listening Fill in the blanks

As you can see at the top you have your usual audio player. Below that you will find some text with blanks in it. In the PTE Listening fill in the blanks questions you have to listen to the audio and on the basis of that fill in the missing words in the text.

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There are two ways you can do this:

First, you can listen to the audio and write down the missing words in your notes. Then once the audio ends you can type them in the blanks.

Second option is to type them in the blanks as you listen to the audio.

PTE Listening Fill in the blanks options

Which option is better?

That depends on whether you are more confident writing with hand or typing directly. But whether you are first writing down or directly typing, do not get stuck on one blank while the audio goes ahead. You must always follow the audio. If you are typing in a blank and the audio moves to the next word already, then just leave whatever you have typed and move your cursor to the next blank. You can later come back and complete the rest of the word on the basis of what you have heard. So, make sure you are listening with attention.

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In PTE Listening section it is crucial that your ear is trained for listening to authentic academic English audio. If you are practicing with inaccurate casual audio as you find on most PTE related YouTube channels, you will only be wasting your time. PTE Exam includes audio only from academic situations. What are these academic situations? These are university or college lectures, or seminars, or professional interviews and reports. Most YouTube channels or PTE websites do not have the resources or put in the efforts to get these authentic audios. That is why we advise our students to stay away from them. PTE Mock Tests study packages include all genuine academic audios.

Coming back to this question type, when the audio ends do two checks on your answers:

1) Check the spellings – since you will be writing or typing at a fast pace there is a good chance of making a mistake. This is your chance to correct any silly spelling mistakes.

2) Check the grammar – You might have heard the word correctly but typed in its wrong form. Now when you are reviewing you can check the grammar as well.

You will get points only when the grammatical form and the spellings of what you have typed in are both correct.

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