PTE Listening Fill in the blanks Tips and Tricks | Top 10 | Updated for 2024

There are a number of questions in the PTE listening section that check how well you can follow an audio and read the corresponding transcript at the same time. PTE Listening Fill in the blanks is one of those. You will listen to an audio and on that basis fill the blanks in the transcript. In this article we will share our Top PTE Listening Fill in the blanks tips and tricks with you!

PTE Listening Fill in the blanks tips and tricks

Let’s get started and go through them one by one.

Read the text before the audio begins

This tip is applicable to many PTE Listening question types. If you quickly glance at the transcript and become somewhat familiar with it, you will have easier time following it when the audio starts.

Place your cursor at the first blank

Since you will start from the first blank it makes sense to put your cursor there. We are assuming here that you prefer to type directly into the screen. The other approach is to first note down on paper and in the end type the answer into the blank.

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Move your eyes along with the audio and always follow the transcript

The goal here is to not fall behind. If you are still on 5th word when the audio has gone up to 20th word you will not be able to answer anything properly. Therefore, don’t fall behind. Don’t get stuck at any word for any reason. If you are still typing into a blank and the audio has gone ahead, leave it and focus on the audio. You can come back in the end and complete typing the word in the blank.

Decide whether to take notes or write directly in the blank

You will be surprised how many people go into the exam without deciding this beforehand. Exam time is not the time to try out different approaches. You should do that before hand. If you have a PTE Mock Tests package you will get plenty of questions to refine and finalize your approach!

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Review what you have typed at the end

Since you need to type quickly in this question type it is possible to make spelling or grammar mistakes. Therefore, a review in the end becomes very important. It gives you an opportunity to catch such mistakes and correct them.

Use grammar and logic to fix any mistakes

Sometimes you might confuse a word with something else that sounds similar. In that case use your grammar knowledge and basic logic to guess the right option. PTE questions will never have grammatical mistakes or illogical sentences.

PTE Listening Fill in the blanks tip - review

If a word is difficult to understand make your best guess

If for any reason – the pace of audio, the accent, or if you just don’t know that word – you are unable to catch the word in a blank then make your best guess. You can combine this tip with the previous tip to make an educated guess.

Practice listening to English language audio every day

Next in out PTE Listening Fill in the blanks tips and tricks: Listen to English audio every day!

Even if you don’t spend time on dedicated PTE practice every day, make it a rule to spend some time practicing with English audio at least a month or so before the exam. Many of these questions will become very easy for you if simply get used to listening (and as a result understanding) English audio naturally.

Learn common collocations

This is a great tip for the reading fill in the blanks and equally applicable to PTE Listening Fill in the blanks questions. Even if you have failed to understand a word in a blank, if it happens to be part of a collocation, you will still be able to answer if you know that collocation.

Become familiar with the academic word list

Your English language vocabulary is at the core of your PTE Exam. So, spend some time on improving it by reviewing and learning the PTE Academic word list.

Above all, understand the concepts, and practice with a large number of authentic PTE questions. That is how you will be ready for a big score in your PTE exam. PTE Mock Tests packages will help you in practice, as well in understanding the intricacies of various questions involved.