PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks Tips and Tricks | Top Tips for 2024

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks questions are another type of fill in the blanks in the PTE Reading section. These are slightly more complicated as you have a set of options for each individual blank, in the form of a drop down. Let’s tell you how to ace these questions with the help of these top PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks Tips and Tricks!

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks tips and tricks

Let’s check each one by one:

Skim the whole text first

Skim the whole text first to get a quick understanding of what needs to be filled in! This is the right way to understand the overall context of the text, and understanding that is very important if you want to answer the blanks correctly.

Start with the first blank and substitute each option one by one

Next in our PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks tips and tricks: Substitution!

Each blank in this question has its own set of options. Click on the drop down and see all the options and put them in the blank one by one. You can leave out those which seem obviously wrong – for e.g. illogical or wrong grammatical form.

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Determine correct answer on the basis of what is required in the sentence

This means that you should check how the selected option fits in the whole sentence. Requirement is both logical and grammatical. Your chosen option should satisfy both.

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks Tip - Use logic

Don’t spend too much time on one blank

If one blank is difficult, move to the next. In the end you can make your best guess for the remaining blanks.

Use logic if confused

If you can’t understand all the options or don’t feel confident about the grammar, use logic to find the correct answer. This is like making a guess on the basis of the rest of the sentence.

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Learn common collocations

PTE Academic is a test of your English ability in academic scenarios. Therefore, learn the common PTE collocations. Collocations are words that often appear together, so if you learn those you will have an easy time in questions where the right option is part of a collocation.

Review the academic word list

This will help you a lot not only in the PTE Reading and Writing Fill in the blanks questions, but also other question types in PTE Academic. Learn the words – their meanings and their usage in sentences!

If words are unfamiliar guess the meaning by context

Next in our PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks tips and tricks list: Guess by context!

If the options include a word that you are not familiar with, then guess its meaning by context. If you understand the remaining sentence it is often possible to tell what that one word means.

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks Tip - Make a guess

Do some reading practice every day

This is a super essential tip that we recommend for all questions of PTE Reading section. It will uplift your skill for all types of questions.

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