PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer Tips and Tricks | Top 10 for 2024

The PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer questions are similar to the ones in the reading section of PTE. The only difference – here instead of text you have audio. Basically, if you are able to understand the audio you can answer these questions in much the same way as the PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer questions.

PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer tips and tricks

Let’s check the top PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer tips and tricks to help you get a high score in this question type.

Read the question and options before the audio starts

The very first in our PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer tips and tricks is this: Read before the audio begins!

You will have a few seconds before the audio starts. In that time you can quickly glance at the question and the options given. This will give you some understanding of the upcoming audio and what to look for in the audio.

Keep an eye on options while listening to the audio

When you are listening try to understand but also keep an eye on the options, because after all you want to validate the options against the audio. If possible, try to shortlist couple of options by the time the audio ends.

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Take notes of important points

Note taking is absolutely essential in most listening questions. It is very difficult to understand and remember all the key points in an audio. Therefore, take notes to remember the main points. When the audio ends this will form the basis on which you will answer the question.

Validate all options one by one

The next in our PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer Tips and Tricks list is: Validate all options!

Even if you feel you have found the correct option, still spend a few seconds to check other options as well. Often the questions have couple of options that are very similar. If you validate all options you will be able to pick the correct one.

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Don’t spend too much time on any one question

After the audio has ended give yourself a fixed amount of time – 2 minutes or so to come up with the answer. If still confused after that time, make your best guess and then move to the next question.

Visualize while listening for better understanding

In all PTE Listening questions you should listen actively with a focus on understanding. The best way of understanding is to draw a mental picture and see the audio as part of that. We forget what we read or hear, but we find it easier to remember what we see.

PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer tip - Visualize

Practice with a variety of authentic audios every day

In PTE Academic different questions will have different types of audio. Though all will be from academic environments, some will have male voices, others will have female voices, and some will have an American accent, while others might have a British accent. You should be comfortable with understanding most common accents, and also comprehending audios spoken at different paces – slow or fast.

Answer based on the notes you have taken

Your notes should serve as the main basis of your final answer. Of course you will also depend upon what you have understood but as far as possible take comprehensive notes so it is easier to pick the right option.

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Don’t use your general knowledge

Your answer should be based on the contents of the audio and not your own bias or general knowledge. Even if you know something about the main topic discussed in the audio, but that point is not specifically mentioned, you can’t use that to answer the question.

Eliminate the wrong answers before finalizing your response

In the end after you have identified the correct option, also spend a few seconds on the other options. There is a chance you might find a more suitable answer.

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