PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tips and Tricks | Top 11 Tips for 2024

PTE Reorder Paragraphs type of questions are common in many exams and are one of the most interesting in the PTE Reading section. In this article we will focus on our Top PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tips and Tricks. Our goal is to make it easier for you to answer these questions with the help of these tips.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Tips and Tricks

So, let’s look at these tips one by one:

Pick the lead sentence first and go from there

Your very first goal should be to identify the opening sentence or paragraph in the text. This paragraph stands on its own. What does that mean? It means that you don’t need any other information to understand what the paragraph is about. Usually these paragraphs introduce the topic or start a discussion.

Decide order in pairs of paragraphs

In PTE Reorder Paragraphs you don’t get score for putting one paragraph at the correct position. You get a score for arranging a pair of paragraphs correctly. It is also easier to arrange two paragraphs in the right order rather than deal with the whole.

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Look for linking words to identify relationships between the sentences and paragraphs

Next in our PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tips and Tricks: Identify relationships!

Once you understand how one paragraph depends upon other, you can arrange them in the right order. Words that close a paragraph or begin a paragraph give a good indication of this.

PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tip - Linking words

Review all paragraphs together in the end

Once you think you have arranged all the paragraphs in the right order, read them a couple of time. Ask yourself these questions – Can I move any paragraph to another position and improve its meaning? Is any paragraph incomplete in any way?

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Read medium to long size texts every day

The next in our PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tips and Tricks list: Daily practice!

Make reading a part of your daily practice. If you read a lot of texts your mind will start seeing the pattern in which the paragraphs are arranged. Then you will find these questions lot easier in your exam.

Go from brief to detail

This is a very important tip, so let’s understand this properly. If you read any text it follows a certain logical pattern and order. It will begin with an introduction, then elaborate some point and then go into more details. In a properly written text you will never see details first and introduction later. So look for the same in these paragraphs. First put the paragraphs that give some information, introduce some concept and then put the detailed ones.

Examples do not come first

Some paragraphs will contain information and some paragraphs might contain examples to support that information. It is logical to say that the examples will not come first.

Review basic grammar concepts

This will help you to understand the links between various paragraphs, whether it is in the form of connecting those paragraphs or looking for relations like noun-pronoun. Brushing up your grammar will help you with all aspects of PTE Academic.

PTE Reorder Paragraphs Tip - Review Grammar

Try rearranging the paras if you are confused

If you find a difficult question in your exam and are unable to arrange the paragraphs then do your best guess and start moving them around. Arrange them a few times and try to pick the best order.

Go to the next paragraph if you are confused

Do not waste too much time reading any one paragraph. If you are unable to arrange or pair or understand one paragraph try reordering another pair of paragraphs.

Manage your time effectively

This tip applies for all reading questions in PTE and also very much in PTE Reorder Paragraphs. Decide before hand how much time you will spend on one question and don’t exceed that.

It is important to not just read the tips and tricks but to also use them in your PTE practice. PTE Mock Tests are tailor made for this!