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PTE Listening Multiple choice multiple answers

The PTE Listening Multiple choice multiple answers question type is not very different from the multiple choice single answer questions, except for the fact that here the questions have more than one correct option and you must select all correct options. If you are especially interested in tips and tricks check out – PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers trips and tricks article.

Let’s look at the question screen:

PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers

As you can see the options have check boxes – you can select as many as you want!

Hopefully you will only select the ones that are correct – for picking the wrong options you will get a negative score.

This can bring down your score for that question to a minimum of zero. So, don’t be reckless when selecting the options. In cases where you are not able to pick any option with confidence make your best guess and select one option. After all, the score can never be below zero.

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Our recommended approach for these questions is similar to what we suggest for most listening questions.

Before the start of audio in a PTE Listening Multiple choice multiple answer question, quickly glance at the question and the options provided. This gives you a reference point when listening to the audio. Your mind will automatically be more receptive to related words and sentences in the audio.

Whenever you come across a key piece of information that you must remember for the summary – write it down in your notes. Your note taking sills are important here – so spend some time practicing those.

PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers notes

It is a good idea to develop your own system of taking notes – for e.g. how you will shorten the words, how you will indicate an important point by underlining or circling etc. The idea is to simply help you remember what the audio was about. So any method that works for you is fine. The effort you put into this will help with serveral other question types in PTE.

After the audio ends, go through the options one by one and check them against your notes. Select the ones that seem right.

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