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PTE Listening multiple choice single answer introduction

In the reading section of PTE you have studied the multiple choice single answer question type. The PTE listening section also has its counterpart – PTE Listening Multiple choice Single Answer question.

This is how the question screen looks for this question type:

PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer

It is pretty much the same as the question in reading section. The obvious difference is this – you don’t have a text here. Instead you have an audio player. Rest it is all the same – you have a question and a number of options to choose from. For tips and tricks we have a special article – PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer Tips and Tricks. Do check it out!

Let’s see how to handle the PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer questions.

The first step starts even before the audio plays.

There are a few seconds before which the audio starts playing. Use these few seconds to read the question and the options. You don’t have to read everything – just getting a rough idea of what the audio is about is enough.

PTE Listening multiple choice single answer audio

When the audio starts your focus should be on listening and understanding what the person is saying in the audio – in relation with the question and options. For simple questions by the time the audio ends you might already have identified the correct option. For other questions you will need more effort.

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In either case we strongly recommend that you take notes! Write down whatever you feel is the key message in the audio – the theme, the concepts, etc.

Once the audio ends try to answer the question on the basis of what you have written and what you have understood by listening. This becomes sort of an elimination exercise. Basically you are trying to validate the options one by one against your notes and memory.

In PTE Listening Multiple choice single answer questions there is only one correct option and no negative marking. So even if you are not sure of the correct option make your best guess and move to the next question.

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If you study or work in an English speaking environment you might find these questions easy – as you are already used to listening to English. If you are not but have been sufficiently exposed to English movies and media you may also find these questions easy.

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Good to know:

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