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PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks

The reading section of PTE Academic exam has two types of fill in the blanks questions.

There is one the straightforward simple one in which you drag and drop words into the blanks. There is another one called the PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks in which you see a drop down with options for each blank. So while in the simpler fill in the blanks all the blanks had a common set of options, in this each blank has its own option set.

Interestingly this also contributes to your writing score!

On an average these questions have a longer text compared to the simpler version. Since you have to consider options for each blank separately these types of questions require more time than the other.

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This is how the PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks question screen looks like:

PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks

As you can see, each blank has a drop down with options in it.

The technique for answering these questions is not very different from the others. Remember to refer to the tips and tricks article for some good suggestions – PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks Tips and Tricks.

You need to understand the overall theme of the text. Look at each sentence and try to figure out which form of word does it need to fill the blank. Does the sentence need a noun? Or a verb? and of which type?

PTE Reading writing fill in the blanks grammar

A method which many students follow is to substitute each option one by one in the sentence and then decide if it completes the sentence. This can consume lot more time! But if you first shortlist the options based on grammar and logic, then you only need to put those options in the blanks. This will save you time.

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Keep an eye on the clock!

Don’t get so lost in one blank or in one question that you miss out on others. If one blank is difficult move on to the next. There is no negative marking here. So before you go to the next question in PTE Reading Writing Fill in the blanks make sure you have picked one option for each blank – if you are not sure you can make your best guess.

As always, leave about 30 seconds in the end for a quick review.

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