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We have looked at one type of summary questions in the PTE Summarize text question in the PTE Writing section. The exam has one other type of summary question and that is the PTE Summarize spoken text, which is part of the PTE Listening section!

PTE Summarize spoken text introduction

This question contributes to your writing as well as listening score!

This is how the question screen looks like!

PTE summarize spoken text

As you can see it is similar to the summary task in writing section with the difference that the written text has been replaced with an audio player.

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Can you guess how this question type works?

Yes! You are right. In the PTE summarize spoken text you write a summary on the basis of an audio that you listen to, instead of reading a text. The time you have remains the same – 10 minutes for each summary question.

You will listen to an academic audio – there will be one main theme and certain key points related to it in the audio. The quality of your summary will depend upon first of all – have you understood the theme, and then – have you picked on the key points?

A very important skill in this task is your note taking ability!

Most people won’t be able to remember all the key points in the audio, that is why taking notes is very crucial. Don’t confuse note taking with dictation. If you try to write down every single thing the person in the audio says, you will neither be able to understand the audio, nor will you capture all the points.

So, only note down important stuff!

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What is the important stuff?

That is: Anything that is repeated often in the audio, or where the speaker puts emphasis, or any events, incidents, concepts mentioned in the audio.

PTE Summarize spoken text important points

Your first goal should be – To have enough in your mind and in your notes to together help you fully understand what the audio was about. Once you have that, you can write your summary on the basis of that. From that point onwards this becomes something like the summary question in writing section.

Keep in mind – In the PTE Summarize spoken text questions you are not restricted to one sentence. You can write more than one sentence. However, there is a word limit of 50 to 70 words. You shouldn’t write more than 70 words.

Your response will be scored on how well you capture the key points and how well you put them together in a summary.

Your listening skill will determine whether or not you get the key points, and your writing skill will influence other factors.

Vocabulary and grammar are very important in this question type.

Don’t just write the same words that you have heard in the audio. As far as possible try to come up with good alternatives – synonyms or words that have similar meaning in the context.

Keep a minute or two in the end to help you pick any mistakes that you might have made in the summary. Not only can you remove the mistakes you can also improve the quality of your response in this time.

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