PTE Summarize written text Tips and Tricks | Top 14 Tips | Updated for 2024

What is the best way to write a good summary in PTE? What should you do to ensure you get high marks in PTE Summarize written text. In this article we will share our Top 10 proven PTE Summarize written text tips and tricks related to this.

PTE summarize text tips and tricks

Let’s go through them one by one:

First read the passage quickly to understand the main theme

The first in the PTE summarize written text tips and tricks is: Read first!

Before you start writing the summary it is important to get a general idea of the text. You must know how the text is organized – where the main points are, etc. This will help you when you look for key points to include in your summary.

Find the main points to include in summary in the second reading

Once you have an overview pick the key points to include in the summary. These will usually revolve around the theme. Each point should convey some distinct piece of information.

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Take notes when you are reading

You can write down anything you feel is important. It is not always required to take notes in this question type, as there are other ways to keep a track of important points.

PTE summarize text Tip - Take notes

Pick the main sentences and paste them in your answer window

This is related to the point above. Instead of first taking notes you can also copy the key sentences and paste them in your answer window. This will also help you to keep a track of what is important and relevant in the summary.

Don’t write a summary that is either too long or too short

Ideally you should write around 30 to 40 words. Since you have to write only one sentence it becomes more and more difficult to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes as the number of words in the sentence increases.

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Connect the sentences properly as you can only write one sentence in your response

You will write only one sentence but it will be a complex sentence combining various key points from the text. Make sure you use the right connectors and linking words to show the relationships between different parts of this sentence.

Don’t use the exact same words or sentence structure as the main text

You can copy the sentences from the text and use it as a beginning point. But if you just join them as it is you will not get good marks. Try to change the words and make your response look original.

PTE summarize text tip - improve words

Review your grammar and vocabulary in the last couple of minutes

Don’t submit your response without doing a review. This is a chance to catch any avoidable mistakes and also improve the quality of your response. Do this for all the questions in PTE Writing section.

Don’t write in all capital letters

Many people who aren’t used to typing on keyboards on a day to day basis end up making this mistake. People feel if they hit caps lock and go on typing it will be faster. However, if you do this you will not get any point at all. Use capital letters only where they make sense.

Plan how to use the 10 minutes before the exam

When preparing for your exam you should plan how you will use the time you have for each task. For example, 1 minute to understand the overall theme of the text, 3 minutes to pick the key points, 4 minutes to write the response on the basis of the key points, and last 2 minutes for review. Practice with authentic materials included in the PTE Mock Tests packages and you will get the absolutely accurate exposure to an exam like environment, and authentic PTE practice questions.

PTE summarize text Tip - Plan your time

Learn proper reading techniques

This will help you with this and other questions where your reading skills are crucial. Reading techniques that you need to learn and practice are skimming and scanning. You must know how to read a text quickly to understand its overview and then how to read it in a way to find specific information.

Do the commonsense test in the end

Ask yourself – Will this summary make sense to someone who has not read the entire text? If it does then that means you have written a good summary, otherwise it is either incomplete, missing some key information, or inaccurate.

Make reading a part of your everyday routine to develop your overall English skills

You can pick an article in a newspaper of read something on a website that you like. Read with an active state of mind – At each step ask yourself questions like – what is this text about? what are the key ideas in this text? Make sure you only read texts that are academic in nature.

Tip: Read everyday

Don’t include details in the summary

Your summary should include only the key points. This is not a place to include supporting details. You anyway don’t have too many words to write. So if you notice that you are including things like examples, specific numbers, etc. that means you are getting into the details and you can safely avoid all of that.

With some good practice you can use these tips and tricks to get full marks in your PTE Summarize Text questions. Check out a PTE Mock Tests package for best practice materials. If you have any queries related to your preparation feel free to get in touch with us.