PTE Write Essay Tips and Tricks | Top 15 Tips | Updated for 2024

What are the most important things to keep in mind if you want to do well in PTE Write Essay? Based on our years of experience in PTE teaching we have complied a list of top 10 PTE Write Essay Tips and Tricks. Read these carefully and follow the advice along with sincere practice!

PTE Write Essay Tips and Tricks

Let’s discuss these Top 10 PTE Write Essay Tips and Tricks one by one:

Don’t start writing the essay immediately

Many test takers are so nervous or excited that the moment they see the essay on the screen they start writing. They do this even before they have properly understood the essay topic. Most of the times this is because of a lack of proper preparation. They are not confident about their ability and don’t have a systematic approach. As a result they end up writing a poorly structured essay which at times even misses the question asked. Therefore, never start writing the essay immediately. First spend some time understanding the topic and planning your response.

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Write according to a well-defined structure

Next in our PTE Write Essay Tips and Tricks list is: Structure!

The PTE software expects to see an essay which looks like an academic essay. An academic essay has a very well defined structure – an introduction, key ideas discussed in the middle paragraphs and then a final concluding paragraph. You should also develop your essay according to the same structure.

PTE Write Essay Tip - Well defined structure

Make sure to understand the topic clearly and what is expected of you in the essay

Spend a minute to properly analyze the essay topic and what aspect of that topic you have to write on. Often the essay topic is very broad and then you are asked to address a particular point of that topic. But if you only talk about the broad topic your essay will be considered inaccurate.

Decide your position on the essay topic in the first couple of minutes

Most of the essays will require you to express your opinion on a certain topic – either in the form of advantages, disadvantages, pros or cons or might ask you to express your views in general. In the first couple of minutes you have to decide which side you are going to take. This need not be the side that you actually believe in. It should simply be the side that is easy to write about. Often it is safer to address both sides of an argument.

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Write down some ideas before you start developing them

Before you jump into writing the essay come up with an outline. Write down what you are going to address in paragraph 1, what you are going to address in paragraph 2, and so on. It is helpful to come up with multiple ideas and then pick the ideas which are easy to develop into full paragraphs.

PTE Write Essay Tip - Ideas

Don’t repeat the same point again and again

Each paragraph should address a specific point. Don’t think just about filling the space and meeting the word limit. You also need to demonstrate your command over English language. By addressing different points you have an opportunity to use different words, different sentences and get more marks.

Don’t leave any point half baked

When you begin a point in a paragraph, make sure to elaborate it fully. Don’t jump away to another point before writing about one point in full. Discuss all aspects of that point and provide an example where possible and relevant.

Do not consider your personal opinions

This is especially relevant for essays that ask about pros and cons. You don’t have to write exactly what you believe in. Instead you should write what is easy for you. In most cases it is easier if you take the middle position – write about both advantages and disadvantages by acknowledging both sides, instead of trying to passionately defend on point of view and then struggling to write an essay around that.

Use academic language in your PTE Essays

The test is PTE Academic! This is a test of your English ability in academic and formal situations. Therefore use language that conveys that. Don’t use slang, don’t use informal structures! PTE Mock Tests packages include essay questions as per the exact PTE Academic standards, for you to practice along with the scored mock tests. Practice with these essays and learn how to write proper academic essays.

Show your variety and diverse vocabulary in your essay responses

Don’t use the same words again and again. Try to use synonyms or other words that can convey a similar thought. In the last few minutes of your task go through the essay and improve the language wherever possible.

PTE Vocabulary

Always write a proper introduction and conclusion

In the introduction show that you understand the topic, and then explain what the rest of essay is going to be about. Clearly tell your position on the topic. In the conclusion reiterate what you have written and your position on the topic.

Try to write about 250 words in your PTE Write Essay task

Though you can write as much as 300 words it is possible to write a perfect crisp essay in about 250 words. That is enough to address the key points of a topic in sufficient depth, and also not so long that you run the risk of making spelling or grammar mistakes.

Turn off the spell checker and grammar checker if you are practicing on your computer

If you practice on your computer then it is a good idea to turn off the spell checker and grammar checker in your text editor (MS Word or anything else that you might be using). You won’t have the help of these tools in exam, so don’t use them in your practice.

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Spend some time reviewing the basic grammar concepts

In the essay writing task in PTE a lot depends upon your grammar skills. So make sure that you have studies the basic grammar concepts before your exam. You don’t need to be an expert but know enough to not make silly mistakes.

PTE Write Essay Tip - Review grammar

Practice writing essays on a variety of topics

Expose your mind to a wide variety of essay topics. First of all this will get you ready for the kind of essays you might face in exam, and second it will prepare you to come up with ideas related to a wide range of topics.