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This FREE PTE Mock Test will give you an experience of the real PTE Exam. The mock test contains latest exam questions and has been updated as per the latest PTE Academic pattern.

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A FREE Test is only the first step in your PTE journey! If you want to achieve a good score in the first attempt you must follow a systematic plan and get plenty of practice.

These are the steps our successful students follow:

  1. Take a FREE test to become familiar with the PTE Software and PTE question types
  2. Determine how much time they have for preparation
  3. Sign up for a suitable premium PTE preparation package depending
  4. Take all mock tests and other practice tests diligently
  5. Work on the feedback and then practice again

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What is included in this FREE PTE Mock Test?

The test covers all four section of PTE – Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. The test is designed to give you an accurate understanding of your current level of preparation. The test covers all types of questions that you will find in your PTE exam.

Why shall I signup for a premium PTE preparation package?

The FREE Mock Test is a good starting point, but if you are serious about getting a high score in PTE in the first attempt, you must consider signing up for a premium preparation package. The premium package includes a large number of scored tests and many other practice tests for each and every section and question type of PTE. Moreover, with a premium package you can also seek help from our expert tutors.

Is the FREE Test same as the actual test?

Yes, the FREE Test is very similar to the actual test. It is delivered in the same test software and contains the same level of questions. The only difference is in the level of feedback and reporting that you receive after the test.

How many times can I take this test?

You can take the FREE PTE Mock Test as many times as you want! However, please keep in mind that you must complete the test in one session or start from the beginning in the next session.

What is the source of questions in this FREE Mock Test?

Questions in this test are developed with the same rigor and care that we put into our other mock tests. In fact many of these questions have appeared in the recent actual PTE exams. This is by far the best FREE practice that you can get!