The mock tests on our platform include many questions from real PTE exams. This makes your practice even more effective!
When you practice with these PTE Mock Tests, you get exposed to the actual questions that may appear in your exam! Since Pearson’s PTE is delivered via a question bank, some or many of these questions are often repeated. When you see the same questions in exam, you answer them better and faster. This in turn increases your score.

Repeated PTE questions in all PTE Mock Tests

Each and every question in the PTE Mock Tests is thoroughly reviewed to make sure it meets the Pearson PTE Academic criteria. We make our best effort to bring the most authentic practice material to you!
Our tutors constantly add new questions from real PTE exams in these mock tests. Students often report seeing the same questions in their actual exam.
This means you make the most of your practice time!

Included for FREE in PTE Mock Tests

We have seen students spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing question banks containing these so called real and repeated questions.
Students of PTE Mock Tests get the best of this for FREE!
Real questions that are expected to repeat in exams in the coming days are included for FREE in all mock tests.
You don’t need to waste you energy chasing these questions. Instead, with a single mind focus on preparing well with the PTE Mock Test packages.
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