How to select the best PTE Practice Test?

best pte practice test

We love having options!

From which pizza to eat, to which PTE Practice Test package to sign up for, we have plenty of options today. But just like pizza, not all Practice Tests are the same.

We want you to get the best always, be it a pizza or a practice test! That’s why our team of PTE tutors sat together and prepared this list of things to look for in when you purchase a PTE Practice test.

Check the quality of content in the PTE practice test

Content or the set of questions in the test is the number one most important thing. It is a very time-consuming task to prepare a question for PTE Academic. It should meet all the requirements as per PTE curriculum. The question should include an authentic academic text or audio and be of a level that is suitable for testing at this level.

Only a small number of PTE coaching institutes or websites have people skilled enough to prepare this kind of content. If the website offers a free test, make sure you take it and get a feel of the quality of content.

Remember! Poor content will waste your time and money. Stay away from it. Best PTE Practice test is the one with verified and authentic content!

How genuine is the auto scoring AI software used in PTE tests

The second most important thing is the software on which you will take the tests. All websites offering these practice tests have software that looks and feels like the PTE exam software. But the real difference lies behind the look and feel.

Most of the websites selling PTE practice tests do not have a true AI based auto scoring software. They have a team of poorly paid back-end workers who score the tests randomly and send out the reports to students. This is the reason why their score reports often taken 3-4 days or even a week to arrive. So, it is unlikely to find the best PTE practice test on these websites.

We are happy to say that the scoring on is fully automated and that is the reason why we send out reports in just a couple of hours. The couple of hours is required because we provide an extra service to the test takers – review and feedback from a PTE expert.

Best PTE Practice test comes with good feedback

You don’t want just a score! You want the practice test to give you an opportunity to learn and improve your score in PTE. This can happen only if the website provides you good feedback. But what exactly is good feedback?

It is not the number of pages in the report, but the depth of insights provided. A lot of websites can churn out template-based reports but only a company which has real PTE experts can give you actionable insights! This is a key feature of website. The feedback you get is not vague and it is focused on the most important things you need to improve your score.

Who are the people behind the company running the website?

This is a big factor but too often ignored by people!

It is one thing to setup a website or run an online business, but an entirely different thing to teach and guide people in an exam like PTE Academic. You should buy Practice Tests from a website run by people who have significant experience in teaching PTE. For e.g., at we have a dedicated team of PTE tutors to prepare content for our practice tests, review student responses, and provide helpful feedback.

In an important exam like PTE, you should make sure that when you need help, it will be available!

How much are you paying for the tests?

Compared to the actual PTE exam fees, the price of mock tests is a small investment to make sure that you don’t have to book your PTE exam again!

But even then, there is a wide range of prices on offer. How do you decide which mock test to buy? A genuine PTE mock test shouldn’t be very expensive because it is fully automated and auto scored. So, if a website is genuine and provides true AI based score reports, it should be able to do so at a small cost compared to the cost of hiring people to check responses and prepare reports. This is the reason how can make its packages so affordable. We have the technology that lets us do so!

We hope this helps you in making a good decision and you purchase the most suitable PTE practice package for yourself! As always, our team wishes you great success!