Is 79 PTE easy to score?


A score of 79 and above in PTE usually meets most visa requirements!

It is the most coveted score in PTE. No doubt everyone wants to know if it is easy to score 79 in PTE!

In this article we will help you understand that.

A score of 79 in PTE will be easy for you to get if you can say yes to most of the following:

Have you been studying or working in an English-speaking environment?

If yes, then that is a big positive! PTE Academic question types are modelled after day-to-day academic English scenarios, such as attending a lecture or reading an article. An English-speaking environment gives you many chances to practice your speech. So, if you are in such an environment, it would be easier for you to get a score of 79.

Do you clearly understand the requirements of PTE Academic?

The exam has 20 question types, each with a very specific set of scoring parameters. Your response must address these parameters for a good score. Merely speaking fluently is not enough, nor is the ability to write general English texts. You must learn how to respond according to the parameters. You must satisfy the PTE Practice Test software for a good score!

Have you practiced enough in a timed environment?

We can’t underestimate the need of adequate practice in PTE. Everything happens on the computer so you must have practiced sufficiently in a software that is just like the one in PTE exam. You don’t want to get any surprises in the real exam. If you can put in enough time and practice diligently, you can hope to get a 79 plus score.

Do you use templates rarely or never?

In most cases students who depend on templates for most of their spoken and written responses struggle to get a high score. So, if you use them rarely you can aim for a good score. A template is only a substitute for no answer – or in others, something is better than nothing. Learn the structures and patterns, but do not put every response in a template. This will lead to answers with grammatical errors or answers that sound or read too illogical and robotic. PTE software will detect this and stop you from getting that high 79! There is also a right away of using the templates. The online PTE course includes several sessions in which the tutor will explain which kind of template to use in which situation and the precautions to take while doing so.

Do you have some support available?

While it is not essential to join a PTE coaching class to get a 79 score, it is certainly beneficial to have some form of support available. This could be in the form of an expert who can review your performance and provide feedback, or can answer any query you might have. There are packages on that let you have just the right amount of support.

So, how many of these are YES for you? Are you getting the next 79 plus score 😊 ?

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