PTE Write from dictation Tips and Tricks | Top 10 Tips| Updated for 2024

Have you noticed how in our tips we ask you to take notes but not confuse it with taking a dictation! Well the PTE Write from dictation is an actual dictation question in PTE. In this article we will share some proven PTE Write from dictation tips and tricks with you.

PTE Write from dictation tips and tricks

Let’s look at these tips one by one now:

Be ready to start listening and writing or typing

There is not much to do in these questions before the audio starts, except to be mentally and physically ready to listen and engage with the question. You can either type on the screen or note down in your scratchpad.

Decide your approach beforehand – write or type

The biggest mistake you can do here is to be not sure whether to type directly or to write down first and then type in the end. Be clear about your approach. This is in-fact applicable to all questions in PTE – you must prepare your strategy and approach before going to the exam.

Listen with the goal of understanding

Very important point in our PTE Write from dictation Tips and Tricks list: Listen to understand!

Even though you just have to listen and type a short sentence, you should still try to understand the meaning and theme of the sentence. Why is this important? Because if you miss some words you can then make an educated guess based on your understanding.

PTE Write from dictation Tip - Listen to understand

Type words in correct order and use your English knowledge to decide the correct order

Your score in this question type depends upon how many words you get correct, and also on the order in which you put these words. Both are equally important. Sometimes you will be able to catch the words but won’t be sure about the order. Then type them in first and then arrange them in correct sequence on the basis of grammar rules.

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Review for spelling mistakes

A word is counted correct if the spellings are correct. Therefore, spend a few seconds in the end and pick any spelling mistakes. In our experience this is a very simple but very useful step – even those who are experts in English language end up making mistakes when typing in a hurry.

Review for grammatical mistakes

This is related to the previous tip. The few seconds you have in the end for a review should also be used to pick any grammatical mistakes. Even if you feel you have heard something correctly and typed it in correctly, if it is wrong grammatically then please correct it. No PTE text will be have wrong grammar.

PTE Write from dictation Tip - Review

Type whatever you remember if not the whole

If you aren’t able to understand the whole sentence then just type whatever you remember, whatever you are able to understand, just make sure you arrange it in as right a sequence as possible.

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If confused make your best guess about that part of dictation

If you are confused about the words or a part of the sentence then make your best guess. It is better than not typing in anything.

Practice listening to a variety of audios

In these questions you will hear audios spanning a wide range of accents, speaking speeds, themes, etc. So make sure that you practice with authentic study materials that provide you this diversity in questions! The best source is one of the PTE Mock Tests packages!

PTE Write from dictation Tip - Listen to a variety of audio

Improve your typing skill

It is always better if you can type in directly what you hear. To be able to do so you should practice typing and work on your typing speed. Get a set of dictation questions – from very short to long and gradually work on them.